A Look Back at Our 70th

A Look Back at Our 70th

Camp Yavneh A Look Back at Our 70th

2014 Yavneh Celebrates 70 Years!

Here we are at 70 looking more like a teen! Why you may ask?! The answer is because Yavneh stays the same but is always changing.


Dor L’dor remains incredibly important to keep the connections from one generation to the next and to all the alumni who send their kids to Yavneh, but we are always thinking of enhancing and changing our program where and when necessary or desired. This year, to celebrate our 70th year, we had the largest celebration ever when 300 people partied at Temple Emanuel in Newton to honor Yavneh’s 70 years and Debbie Sussman, Director of Yavneh for the past 25 years. Our theme for that summer was Shivim Panim L’Torah, the 70 faces of the Torah, to go along with our birthday year. During the summer, Zimriyah was a throwback to the past decades. All the aydot had to redo one of the songs from the past for their shir aydah. Out of that came Masoret Mondays which Lisa Rubins puts up every week on Facebook, looking back on all that Yavneh has offered for decades. In November, we had a cocktail reception honoring our past longstanding educators Rabbi Mel David and Rabbi Dov Lerea for their many years as Roshei Chinuch, heads of education. The event took place at the Friedman’s home in White Plains. It was a truly beautiful event.