Camp Yavneh Testimonials

“It was such a pleasure to be back in the Yavneh atmosphere and see what a great job the staff is doing to raise a committed Zionist generation of leaders — and it is nothing short of that.”
David Goren, Current Camp Parent and Alumni, currently living in Israel

“As soon as Josh arrives at his bunk he appears to be a changed kid.  One notices not only in him, but in his peers and staff. … There is a clear respect for others, commitment to the group, and quick willingness to help each other. We don’t think this occurs all by chance. B’todah u b’hokrah!”
Ed & Margo Rosen, Camp Parents


“…on drop-off day things were so well-organized. At the same time everyone was friendly and attentive and enthusiastic, and as parents we wished we could be campers too.   It means everything to us to entrust our child to responsible people.”
Rabbi Jon Spira-Savett, Current Camp Parent

“Na’aleh was such an amazing experience. It was the perfect balance of tourism and educational activities. The activities we did were a blast, but also very intellectually stimulating. I am so glad I decided to go on the trip. It’s truly is a leadership and bonding experience that drew us closer to each other and to Israel. Thank you again for the best summer of my life.”
Alisa Feldman, Na’aleh 2013 Camper   

“Thank you, so much … The things  I learned and the experiences I had defined my life. It was at Yavneh that Judaism became an interest to me, and since then that interest has grown into a substantial sense of Jewish people-hood, a powerful commitment to Zionism, and a focus on tikkun olam.  I don’t know where I would be if not for Yavneh, so  thank you.”
Ben Gladstone, Yavneh Alumni

“Yesterday walking though the Jewish quarter, a large bunch of boys were walking as a group singing, dancing and clapping their way to the Kotel – It was loud, joyous singing that has its own energy. My son Jacob turned to us and said “that is how Shabbat is at Camp Yavneh”. And that’s why I send my son to Yavneh!”
Nanette Fridman, Current Yavneh Parent & Yavneh Board President

“Camp is truly a paradise for the kids!  You cannot replicate the ruach on Shabbat, or during the other activities at camp.”
–Shelley Levy, Current Yavneh Parent and Morah

“I just crave going back to Yavneh where I truly found my love for Judaism, made the best friends of my life and learned how to be a mentor/counselor to my campers. What a huge impact Yavneh has on my life in terms of my ability to be a great wife, mother, teacher and person.”
Leah Lebowitz, Alum

“I would also like to take this time to thank the staff for the absolutely unforgettable experience that I have had the past eight summers at Yavneh. Yavneh has shaped who I am today both Jewishly and socially. I am so happy to have a second family that I can always rely on, be it members of the upper staff or friends of mine from my Kerem who I still talk to on a daily basis. My ending as a camper at Yavneh was capped perfectly by winning (the only time I ever won) Maccabiah. I still sing “On and On” any non-camp people who will listen, trying to relate to anybody what a marvelous place Camp Yavneh is.”
Sam Siegel, alum, counselor

“Camp has been formative in my kids’ growth as Jews and always a comfort to me, knowing that their love of their religion and their heritage would be nurtured and cultivated so carefully each summer. And that they’d have so much fun doing it. In addition, Camp Yavneh has also meant counselors/madrichim who have set the role model bar very high and given both of my kids much to aspire to in defining what a young Jew and man and woman should become.”
Hillary, parent

“…Yavneh is a place where our son has thrived in the camp’s warm sense of community. Zach’s experience did not end at the conclusion of his stay at camp but rather it has continued during his current school year  with a number of kids from his group getting together over Shabbat. In fact last week there was an impromptu get together of about 20 local kids and 5 kids came from out of state to join them. The wonderful values and traditions emphasized by Yavneh have become part of four daily life here at home as well.”
Peter and Sally, parents

“Right before camp, we were watching a movie (Keeping up With the Steins) with Rachel In it a grandfather asked his grandson “what is the best thing about being Jewish” to which our daughter replied “going to Camp Yavneh!” Thank you for continuing to provide this great experience now to both our children.”
Andie and Robert, parents

“I wanted to let you know that Shoshana and Lev had a great time at camp this summer (as my kids always do). But, I wanted to make particular mention of how fantastic their counselors were. I always tell people that I think counselors can make or break the camp experience, and that the high quality of the counselors is one of Yavneh’s real strong points. But this year, I heard from my kids that the counselors were not just great; they were better than great-each and every one. ln one of his first postcards Lev wrote, I LOVE my counselors! These are very reassuring words for a parent Keep up the good work in your selection!”
Meg, parent

“The most ridiculous activities are fun just because you’re doing it at camp with your ayda. Singing and dancing on Shabbat is only fun if you let go and get into the ruach. Zimriyah would be a giant flop if people didn’t care and weren’t ·willing to throw themselves into it. Time and again campers do let go, and throw themselves into activities and events that would fail in many other settings. I can’t wait to be in Kerem, this summer, and have a hand in planning and running some of these events that I love and admire so thoroughly.”
Leah, oldest camper group

“…In this moment, I realized that nearly all of my Israel education has come from Yavneh. Be it through educational peulot (activities) or Na’aleh (Yavneh’s summer in Israel program), Yavneh has prepared me to be an effective voice for Israel. It was clear to me that it was Yavneh, more than any other Jewish experience that I’ve had, that has given me a well-rounded perspective on Israeli current events, and has provided me with the proper rhetoric to participate in a discussion.”
Amanda, alum, staff