First Time Campers

First Time Campers

Camp Yavneh First Time Campers

Is your child ready for overnight camp?

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Ask yourself these 5 simple questions:

  1. Has your child successfully slept away from home even for a weekend?
  2. Does your child have a sibling/cousin at camp?
  3. Can your child: brush their own teeth, make their bed, take completely independent showers
  4. Is your child asking to go and can imagine (through a series of questions) being without you: letters only, no phone calls?
  5. Does your child seem ready for overnight camp or do they get very nervous when you bring it up.

If you’re not really ┬ásure a full session is right for them, ┬ásend them for our Kaytana/2 week session. Kaytana campers have the option to extend to the full month at the discretion of camp in consult with the parents.

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