Camp Yavneh Shabbat

When Friday afternoon approaches, the entire camp enters into the joy of preparing for Shabbat. As a family, dressed in our finest, we greet Shabbat with candle lighting and prayers. After a special Shabbat dinner, the dining hall resounds with song and dance. We end Shabbat arm in arm with singing and a lively Havdalah service followed by Israeli dancing with our own camp band. Shabbat is the day that campers consistently say is their most relaxing day of the week.


Parents Say: “During most of our drive home, Sabrina sang and taught us Hebrew words and sayings with such enthusiasm (and terrific pronunciation!) and told us about how “awesome” Shabbat was at camp! I believe this is the first time she has ever referred to Shabbat as awesome! She wants to weave what she did at camp – saying prayers, speaking Hebrew and singing songs – into our lives at home. As she said, she wants to “bring camp home” and we couldn’t be more excited to keep this going!”

Enjoy our songs from Relish and Havdallah

Havdallah Brachot


Havdallah Eliyahu

Havdallah Eliyahu 2

Relish Lo Alecha

Relish Shma

Relish Tov L’hodot

Relish Shalom Aleichem

Relish Adon Olam

Relish Mizmor Shir

Relish Amen

Relish Kol Haolam Kulo

Relish Minyan Man


Our Camp Song (On and On)

On and On