Camp Yavneh Education

Camp Yavneh offers an engaging Jewish educational component to the overnight camp experience. From the morning Judaics session to the infusion of Hebrew and Jewish themed content in all camp programs, every camper comes home with a new and insightful look at their heritage.  Even better, our education is woven with the enjoyment of camp to put a positive outlook on learning and enhance the campers love of all things Jewish!

education body

In addition to the formal and informal Jewish education at Yavneh, each summer is enhanced with an overall educational theme. This theme is woven throughout our activities at camp.  Here is a list of themes for the past five years to give you a sense of what we do:

2010 To Learn and to Teach -ללמוד וללמד

2011 Israel, the Nations and the World – ישראל  ואומנות העולם

2012 Together we are the Tribes of Israel – יחד שבטי ישראל

2013 The Love of Israel – אהבת ישראל

2014 70 Faces of the Torah – שבעים פנים לתורה