Jewish Experience

Jewish Experience

Camp Yavneh Jewish Experience

Family Camp at Yavneh integrates the traditional camp setting with a strong Jewish experience….

Whatever your Jewish background, each family will find its place at Family Camp. Yavneh is K’lal Yisrael (all Jews are one!).  Whether at a Havdalah service or a hike through the woods, Jewish values permeate the program in such a way that all camp activities can ultimately be placed in a more meaningful context. Our families soon realize that living Jewishly as a family can be fun.


When Friday afternoon approaches, the entire camp prepares for Shabbat.  As a larger camp family, dressed in our finest, we greet Shabbat with candle lighting and prayers. After a delicious Shabbat dinner, the dining hall resonates with song and dance. We end Shabbat arm in arm with singing and a lively Havdalah service with our own camp musicians.

Tefillot (prayers) will be offered daily and are optional for all. Camp has both Orthodox and egalitarian services as well as a learner’s minyan (service) for those who would like to deepen their understanding about Jewish prayer. There will be tefillah options for children as well.