Camp Yavneh FAQs

General Questions

Who attends?

Everyone – Family Camp at Yavneh is a camp for all ages. Families with kids, grandparents, young couples with no kids, and singles are all welcome and represented.

What religious bent will family camp have?

Yavneh is a pluralistic/Klal Yisrael camp so we have families from all the different observances. There will be a range of optional tefillot/services. Camp Yavneh is Shomer Shabbat and our facilities are strictly Kosher.

How will tefillot work?

There will be  traditional minyan options daily. Additionally, there will be an Egalitarian option on Shabbat.

What will be the expectations of Shabbat observance?

You are free to do what you wish on Shabbat, we just ask that all guests are respectful of the Shabbat environment in public spaces.


Is the food Kosher?

We have a full time Mashgiach supervising our Glatt Kosher kitchen.  By the way, it’s delicious too.  Special diets??  Of course!

How will meals work?

There are set meal times. Breakfast is served as a buffet for 90 minutes in the morning and lunches and dinners are family style.


How much open vs. structured time is there?

There are activities scheduled most of the day. You are welcome to attend as many or as few of them as you wish. Kids have both kid time and family time.  Take a look at last year’s schedule to get an idea.

Do the kids stay with the parents or do they stay in a separate bunk?

Kids stay with their parents at Family Camp.