Camp Yavneh community helps after fires in Israel

Here are two of many ways you can help our family and friends in Israel as they recover from devastating fires recently.

  • Meira Volkovich was part of our mishlachat for several years and positively impacted many of our campers. She and her husband Guy live in Haifa.  Guy is involved in a Yeshiva known for great acts of chesed and tzedakah in both the religious and secular worlds.  Their Yeshiva burned down this week. They are looking to rebuild.  Click here to learn more and help out.

  • Jewish National Fund (JNF) is helping in many different ways.  At Yavneh we are working with them to raise $1,800 to help outfit a firefighter from head to toe with new equipment.  If you want to be part of this effort in any way, big or small  or just to learn more,  click here