Medicine at Camp

Camp Yavneh Medicine at Camp

andrews pharmacy

Camp Yavneh is excited to partner with Andrew’s Pharmacy for prescription administration at camp. Andrew’s Pharmacy is an independent pharmacy that has bee serving the community for over 50 years. They provide specialized medication packaging (camp-pack) to assist campers with their medications. This pack includes all of the camper’s medications separated by day and time. The meds are sealed into the package and distributed to Camp Yavneh. Multi-dose packaging ensures that each camper receives the right medication at the right time. The packaging makes medication administration fast and above all safe. In addition, camp-pack is portable which allows for easy transport on overnight trips.

Andrew’s Pharmacy charges a nominal fee of $15 for one month campers and $25 for the entire summer. They will submit to your insurance company for prescription coverage. They will also arrange OTC medications as we also require that they come to camp through Andrew’s Pharmacy.